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Thursday, April 15, 2010

An update on everything at the moment

Here is a pic (from my cellphone as I lost my digital camera :[ ) of some of my stuff from swapbot that I need to open, rate, and reply.  There is some postcards, letters, pretty envelopes, and little stuffie. I have fallen behind on ALL swaps due to the Easter holiday past, college, work and my upcoming birthday.

Tests from Tuesday classes went awesomely horrible. I never seem to know the right stuff. Despite my efforts of studying a study-guide provided by the professor, they somehow manage to not include some of its parts on the test, thus equaling my miserable fail at a good grade. I knew I needed to do good on these tests to bring up my disappointing midterm grades. Well hopefully I will see the damage tomorrow, if we get them back. Not particularly excited for classes tomorrow. As of right now I should be doing some other homework, but debating on waking up early and doing it before class, during a boring class tomorrow, or just not doing it at all until tomorrow night. Haven't decided yet. So thats that for college.

Work...well I'll save work for another blog post or 2 or 3 because I have a lot to bitch about. That post will be vulgar on more than one account. Guaranteed. However it was long today. My normal shift is 11-3 at the grill and 4-7 in the dishroom. They called me at 7:30am to come in and I cant tell you how thankful I am that my cell was set for "alarm only" so that call went straight to voicemail. Where it belonged. I did however go to work about an hour before my shift and let me tell you that  was enough for me...

Took my friend to the Casino today. Probably got her hooked like me. Pretty lights, loud noise, touchy screens and possibly free money! It was my birthday present to her. She just turned 18. I wanted to take her because shes involved in alot of school activities and her parents dont let her get out much. So I wanted her to have a little fun once in awhile. She didnt play with much, maybe $8 and didnt win anything. I was playing with only like $5, because I know I get hooked easily. Besides I have to save money for my birthday and my apartment. I got a bonus thing just as we were leaving and cashed out around $10.

Checked online and in the paper yesterday for apartments. Probably could have posted bout that. Nothing yet. Just got some numbers and some places I plan on checking out within the next couple weeks to narrow down my options and set a budget. *I cant wait to get out of here and have my own place*

As for my birthday that I've been going on and on about through this post. Well heres the birthday plans: Fri.16th to Sat 17th My mom booked a hotel room in Niagara Falls with a 2 bedroom suite with a fallsview! The hotel even has a spa that I cant wait to go and get a nice long massage in hopefully! Then Saturday we come home and at night we're all going out to the local bars. It is also a few of my friends from college birthdays as well who  are also going out. So that should all be fun. Lots of April birthdays! My boyfriend invited all my friends by making a cute little Facebook event for me :] how sweet of him. Hopefully I dont get too drunk though because Sunday my birth-mom is having a party grill/cook-out at her place (O yea Im adopted) And my real birthday isn't until the 19th (lol) and Im turning 20! :] So Im super excited about this weekend, except the fact that I was told it is suppose to rain ALL weekend. Argh!  >:{

And so far about my blog...well Im starting to get bored off this background. So thats needs to change. I started following some blogs that Im interested in, which there is a list over to the right so you can check them out too if you like. I discovered I have a few followers, hoping to gain more. I recently added that nice swap-bot graphic/link from the website to advertise a little for them and hope to get others as hooked as I am because it is just so great. I will probably be posting a lot about it with update on the swaps I make for it. I found a website through someone else's blog where you can get a "counter".  I picked out the one and put it at the top of the page. Its a nice little touch to see how many times my blog is viewed. Well theres more to come so sit tight! :]

Over & Out <3

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  1. Hi Jessica, I'm a follower now! I love swap-bot too but I still haven't received some swaps and that's making me not wanting to join in any swaps at the moment..