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Monday, April 12, 2010

And there was one...

blog post. The first They called it. Some ramblings to announce the beginning. Of something new. So I'll go over a few things. This is a homework assignment for my computer Science Overview class. That is the purpose of the title or header of my blog. Assignment#3, which is exactly what the assignment was called. I titled my blog this way as I was lacking in creative names, couldn't really think of what direction I would take with this or where the path would lead for this blog. I can and might change the title further down the road as my blog develops into something. So for now I just thought Assignment#3 was cleverly classic enough to pass.

 I rushed out a blunted truth synopsis of the my intentions underneath the title. Then under that is that cute little aquarium looking box with floating fish that follow your cursor and if you click you can feed them. The purpose of this is simply: entertainment & cuteness ^_^ While browsing through gadgets to fill out my site with I find it and had to put it in, not to mention my love for animals which I described in my 'about me' section. I included a recent enough pic of my all dressed up when me and some friends went out to the bars (you might get alot of stories about that, lol) O which reminds me I might talk in text once in awhile as it is habit. I even did the whole nifty thing where you can type a text and send it right to your blog to be posted. Figured it would come in handy when Im sitting in a boring class I could text/blog about boring it is and what I would rather be doing :P I also like keyboard faces, get use to it!

I listed a few of my favorite websites under the 'about me' section. And as of right now I only have two, more will be added later. The first is Postcrossing. Postcrossing is a FREE website where you send and recieve postcards from across the world! You sign-up give your name, mailing address, and create a short profile. When you first start off your only allowed to send 5 postcards at a time to make sure you truly want to participate in this big thing. So you request and address and you will be randomly assigned a person somewhere in the world with a special code that must be written on the postcard. So when the person you are sending to recieves the postcard they type in that special code and it registers it and it makes your address available to anyone in the world. So the process keeps repeating itself. The purpose of the codes are to keep track of your could call it. It tracks how far each postcard has traveled, maps the location, days it took to reach its destination, and so on...A great thing about the site besides all the previous neat features I've already described is the fact that after so long an address will be thrown back into the system. So for for example, someone requests and address but never ends up sending a postcard to that other person. After so many days of that other person not registering that special code that was assigned their address is put back into the system until someone requests it again. Its great if your patient. I've received postcards from China, London, Israel and other exotic locations. You can also get postcards from inside the USA too if you choose. Postage varies depending on location. If you decide on joining check out my profile, my username is [jessicak13]. Its something cheap & interesting you can join for FREE, so check it out by clicking the link!

The other website Swap-bot is an international swap site. Its FREE to join. You create a username and a profile. When you first start off you can only join about 5 swaps until you've completed so many swaps. You join into any swap of your liking, but you must fit swap requirements and your generated a random person who also joined that swap. Then you complete the swap by following any rules or guidelines and send out the swap by the swap deadline. Each swap varies on type of craft, requirements, time period. Swaps can include: letters, journals, art, fabric, dolls, supplies, postcards, crafts, etc...almost anything imaginable like that. Time periods vary depending on the craft for example a journal craft will obviously take longer than writing a letter to a penpal. After awhile you can sign-up for as many swaps as you like and even host your own. There is also groups to join and forums to participate in. This site is also international. If you decide on joining check out my profile, my username is [jessicak13] I have received some very beautiful and creative crafts from this site. So please check it out!

Then under those links I put in a quick poll. just something I whipped up. A gadget I found. I thought it would help me to improve and continue with my blog page. So just take a second to vote how you really feel about my blog. Under that is I think the search bar where you can see my posts for something particular. (I know its useless now as I've just started) I also have my list of followers and my archive which are both empty as I just created my blog, but will hopefully fill up with time as well as everything else...

Well I think thats it and I really should be doing other things like studying for my "second midterm" tests tomorrow rather than writing this blog lol So I hope you enjoyed my first post. Please feel free to leave me any comments, opinions, tips or anything. I will be checking back and posting more until then...this is where I have to come up with my signature sign-off as all great news anchors have (Anchorman)... :]

Over & Out <3?

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  1. welcome to blogging! I'm following you from swapbot. Hope to see more!