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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alarm clocks! ***

I ...excuse my language...fucking hate them!
So I got up at 8:30am today. Not because I wanted to. But because my cousin who lives with me had her alarm go off that early. Most days its 9:30 but today was 8:30 and Im getting sick of waking up to her fucking alarm clock. Now your probably wondering what could possibly make me so upset about this well letme explain more.

My cousin is 32. Moved in with me in November. She didnt have a job, so she applied for all this free health care, food stamps, and stuff sometime in January and February. She got all of it, but they said she had to start applying to jobs. It was like every so many a week. So because she had to she did. She finally got a job at one of the local hotels as a maid or cleaning staff....great right? Well she quit 2 days later. It was a 9-5 job Mon-Fri cleaning hotel rooms. What the hell? I found out all this on Easter, from my parents. So she didnt even tell me. I dont really know what goes on because Im so busy with college and work Im hardly ever home.

Ok so then she gets a call from the census to get hired there. Great right? Well her car breaks down because its a huge piece of shit. And when I say break I mean completely broke. Gas leaking, no emergency break, big ass wagon type from like the 1970s banged up from every angle broke! Yet her parents from Ohio are driving in to take the car BACK to Ohio to fix it. Now Im no car expert, but I think just junking the gas guzzling thing would be cheaper. Then buy some used car with potential and fix it up. So the census job starts like next week and she rides her bike 4 miles to walmart to buy all her groceries so we'll see how that goes...

And I cant forget her boyfriend. Yes to top the rest off her boyfriend comes to visit at least once a week, because she cant go see him now. She'll make him dinner with all her delicious free food. Then go up in her room that is directly next to mine with shitty ass thin walls and laughs with him till 1-2 in the morning.

Now back to the alarm clock thing, now that I've shed some light on the situation. So she has no job, no car, nowhere to be, but she has an alarm. Set for 8:30 -9:30 in the morning! And its not the fact that she has an alarm. Its the fact that she fucking lets it ring, ring, ring, ring! She will let it run out so that every five minutes it will go off again. And this process goes on every day for almost an hour! 
Yesterday I worked 10-7, which is a double shift for a college student. And they even called me in early. They wanted me to come in at 7:30, but I have my phone set for "alarm only" mode so I didnt hear my phone go off when they called. However when her alarm woke me up 9:30 I saw they called and went in. So I was exhausted last night from working all day and doing homework then I wake up to it at 8:30. Im just so mad right now.

I never let my alarm ring more than once to wake me up then I shut it off. I maybe hit Snooze once or twice a month. I understand we just get "those" kind of days. I just think its incredibly rude to let it ring and hit snooze for almost an hour EVERYDAY to the point where Im spending weekends at my boyfriends house, because it used to wake me up on the weekends and Im getting sick of it now. So a tip for you all, be courteous with your alarm clocks as they are extremely obnoxious!



  1. i hate alarms too. esp when i only know how to snooze it and not to switch it off completely!
    robotgranny from swap-bot

  2. Your cousin sounds ridiculously inconsiderate. Sheesh. Although I gotta say ... 8:30 isn't all that early. Her letting it ring is inexcusable though. I spent last night at a friend's place and forgot to turn off my alarm clock. Needless to say, my roommate woke up at 7:30 very confused. Thankfully she wanted to wake up early!

  3. Oh, by the way, when I read this post in my normal browser (CometBird), the formatting for this post didn't come out right. It looks okay in IE, but you might want to check that.

  4. That sounds like a terrible situation. Your cousin is 32?!? I'm sorry and I hope things get better.

    Jennifer from Swapbot